Game of Wit and Chance, Book One in the Smugglers in Paradise series

The first book in the ‘Smugglers in Paradise’ series is now available on Kindle Unlimited for those Amazon customers subscribing to Prime. The eBook price has been reduced to $0.99 and will stay that way while the book is in the Unlimited market.

Game of Wit and Chance Cover

Released November 1, 2015, Game of Wit and Chance: Beginnings is the first book in the Smugglers in Paradise series, a family saga pitting brother against brother and following several generations of the Ramos family from Portland to Southeast Asia and back again.

To order the Amazon Kindle edition eBook or paperback go here.

You can also purchase the book directly from me by picking it up at my place of work (in St. Paul, Minnesota) where, if I’m there, I can autograph it as you request. To do that please contact me.

“Follow your passion, let it lead where it will; true passion seldom leads to dead ends.”

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