Inspiration, perspiration, motivation

So much in life, that actually ends with tangible, worthwhile, output, is made up of all three of the things in the title of this post. Not necessarily in that order, or in equal parts, but in the end, all three are important.

The world is full of inspiration. I find it the most readily available of the three for me. There is beauty and inspiration in the sky from sunrise, through sunset, and into the starry night sky. Plants, animals, mountains, and plains have inspired songs, stories, paintings, and photography. And for me, the most powerful inspiration is always people. The way they look, live, interact, love, conspire, lie, and die. Again, not necessarily in that order, or with equal importance.

I had a lot of inspiration for the SMUGGLERS IN PARADISE series, most of it from southeast Asia and primarily from the Philippines. I actually started this inspiration series on my other website but I want to continue it here, on my new site dedicated solely to writing.

When I think of the Philippines, it’s hard not to think first of history, faith, and beaches.


There is for sure a lot of natural beauty among 7100+ islands created by volcanic activity.

Volcanic Crater Lake

But there are so many interesting people as well. Some searching, some working, some begging and so many simply living, having fun and being kind.

LookingMeat MarketCar salesSimplicity or PovertySquatter housingDCIM100GOPROG0110750.DCIM100GOPROG0310592.

I hope you enjoyed this inspiration post. Let me know what you think of this or what you do, where you go for inspiration.

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  1. Rich inspirations!!! I’m sure it will turn into something creative :)))

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  2. Thanks for the follow. I am also a Filipino addict. I have been here now for six months, travelling off the beaten path and living with locals. What an amazing country and amazing people. You are so right about it being inspiring. It teems with life.
    I have taken to calling it Little Mexico, it’s Asia with a Latin flavour. Looking forward to reading your work.

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    1. Wow, amazing to run across you. I was just perusing “fiction” tags and and saw the 3 chapters. I read them and enjoyed them. Have fun on your travels. I’ll be back there in a couple months.


      1. Small world. Let’s keep in touch. Would be great to have a beer when you’re here. I have decided to stay on indefinitely. Look back in my posts, there is one called the Bakla from Binalonan I am sure you will enjoy.

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      2. I did enjoy the post. Lucky you to get to stay there and write! Yes, it would be fun to meet on the same island there sometime. Cheers!

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