Readers make me happy

Whether they are nieces, nephews, or friends from places 10,000 miles away, readers make me happy. And no, not only when they’re reading my books. They wouldn’t make me happy very long then, because I haven’t written many books. To me, reading, almost any genre, is a connection I feel with people. Kind of like the San Fransisco Giants baseball fan that can instantly connect with the Yomiuri Giants baseball fan, even if they don’t speak the same language.

So here’s to readers of fiction, non-fiction, urban noir, biography, history, memoir, plays, cookbooks, fantasy, science fiction, YA, etc. Get a coffee or tea, find that comfy chair and grab your book. Silence your phone, unleash your imagination, and dive in.



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  1. Definitely silence your phone! Great advice!!

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  2. The Royal Polar Bear says:

    This is great, Bob! Thank you! 👑

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    1. Thanks to you, Rafael!


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