Short Stories are Life (Lifer?)

Remember the horror story you lived through three years ago (or 3 months ago, 30 years ago, whatever)? Maybe everyone survived, maybe not, maybe it brought about a new normal, maybe it spawned a fresh hell. How about that past love story? Or the current one? Maybe there were or are a lot of tears involved, and undoubtedly there are days staring off into the distance listening to some healing or hurting song until you can repeat every stanza word for word, even if you can’t keep the tremolo out of your voice when you sing along. How about the ghost story in the darkened closet with your siblings? Adventure at band or Bible camp (that turned into…love story, horror story…)? A dream or nightmare?

Maybe it’s more appropriate to say that life is a bunch of short stories put together in a sometimes seemingly random pattern.

My next writing journey is a group of short stories. Some are brand new, while others I feel like I’ve been working on for years. My goal with these stories is the same as it was with my past three novels. To entertain you, the reader. In the process, I would be thrilled if I tickled your imagination or sparked an interest in different cultures and places, as travel has always been my most intense inspiration.

The first short story I’ll release (very soon) is titled BORACAY PINK SQUAD, Keychain Sunset, inspired by a beautiful white sand beach island in the Philippines that is an interesting combination of entertainment and corruption. If you would like to be notified when it is released, follow this link and sign-up at the bottom of the page to receive an email notification when I release new books and stories.

My original three books are also still available here, so if you don’t have them yet…well, what are you waiting for?

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