Boracay Pink Squad

In BORACAY PINK SQUAD – Keychain Sunset, Bruce, a retired and widowed American from Portland, Oregon, joins a tour to the beautiful, white sands of Boracay Island in the Philippines. He is fulfilling a bucket list beach vacation he and his wife had prior to her illness, as well as reacquainting himself with the Asian culture he enjoyed during his travels as a development engineer in a large American manufacturing company. Instead of total relaxation, he gets caught up by fire dancers, the dark web, and murder!

Well it took me longer than anticipated to get this short story off my desk, but I’m happy to say it’s finally here and it’s ready to go. This is my first new offering leading to a book of short stories I have planned to publish for a while now. I am excited to say I have several other ideas floating around in various stages of development.

I hope you enjoy, but as usual, I’m very interested in your feedback no matter what it might be.

At the moment you can only find this story at Smashwords, where I have all my other stories published as well. Take a look at my author page while you are there. In the coming week it will also be available through Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, B&N, etc.

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