Always Looking Forward

Time is the most immovable physical thing there is, although Einstein’s theory of relativity does say that space-time is warped by massive objects.

If 2020 has taught me anything, it is patience. Not in the sense that “all things come to those who wait” as the English poet, Lady Currie once wrote. More like “have patience, for the world takes it’s own time.”

2020 has been (and continues to be) defined by massive issues, movements, and sentiments. Maybe that’s why patience is becoming a limited commodity. The somewhat odd thing about this year is that almost every massive issue, movement, or sentiment has been accompanied by an essentially equal and opposite massive movement or sentiment.

Polarization abounds and instead of the quite natural bell curve shape of nearly every normal set of responses, the center continues to be squeezed unforgivingly into a barbell shape. Now generally speaking, most every response in nature exists and can be described by a bell curve. The massive center of that bell curve is where most of nature “lives.” When that center gets squeezed into the two ends there inevitably begins to be added pressure to define one end as right and one as wrong, even if each end defines these exactly the opposite.

I’m a firm believer in the nature of the bell curve. When people are divided solidly as in a bell curve on any particular subject there are going to be winners and losers. Massive losers because of the shape of the curve. Massive losers means only one thing…instability. Nature will not abide instability. It will work hard to become stable. I suggest we all make efforts to become part of the solution, rather than defining the other end of the barbell as the problem we are trying to eliminate.

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  1. Mark Rana says:

    Also reminds me of Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Nice article.


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