My muses never leave me alone…

I have, what I think of as, a set of four muses that inspire and guide me in my writing:

Editing: An elderly smoker.  She’s a bit grumpy, but a good speller.  Mother to the rest of the (loserish) muses.

Language: A “30 something” gay dude.  He loves the Urban Dictionary.

Artistic Content:  He’s fifty-ish, rolls his eyes at most sex scenes, but is a compulsive masterbator.

Research:  He’s a drugged up video game addict, but a genius and very good at what he does…when sober.


“As usual, the pieces of you, and all the others that make up my pushy little set of muses, are often at the top of my mind. Get out of there! Can’t you tell its a fragile little mind!! Fer God’s Sakes!”